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Not exactly efficient on the cost per mass basis back in 1995 or so when I bought it, but at the time, really, really cute. Not cute enough to be worth $1200, but once it dropped to three digits (~$900, possibly with tax) I couldn't restrain myself any longer. Partly due to the early timeframe when most people could still be shocked when you called them from the top of a grassy hill in the middle of nowhere - or their front doorstep - I loved this phone.

[StarTAC animated to demonstrate clamshell]


  • Infinitesimal
  • Clip holster
  • Earset
  • Tidy interface
  • Operational while closed, even dialing
  • Environmentally rugged
  • Multiple battery use
  • Can call when stolen
  • Can receive calls while motorcycling! No hands!
  • Sought Aug 1995

There's a entry for the StarTAC in Wikipedia.

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