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There is also a collection of virtual reality photographs, including a number from World of Warcraft

Naming in group portraits tends to start at the upper left, and emphasized names are strongly attached to the mentioned group.

  • Typical & stern portraits, Tivoli, 1999
  • Portrait (overexposed) from RDA, 1996
  • Self-portrait on a german train, 1994
    Somewhere between Berlin and Ratzenried in Baden-Württemberg, see this map if you're curious about which länder are along the way.
  • An U-Bahnhof in Berlin, 1994
  • A park in Berlin, 1994
  • Portrait from college, around 1986
Pictures of Salzedo and style-23 harps.
  • Group portrait from Talisman 1995
    Alex, Sarah,
    Phil, Rob,
    Nancy, Britt
  • Group portrait from Origin 1994
    Dean, Phil, John,
    Jennifer, Sarah,
    Ocea, Alex, Sabrina,

Some pictures of friends I just happened to have (the pictures, that is)...
Alex Britt Dawn David Chris Jenny Rob Noah Phil

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Cogito ergo spud (I think therefore I yam).
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