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Erlkönig: Heartssong II

Heartssong (and music) Copyright © 1985, 1988, 1989 Christopher Alexander North-Keys
All Rights Reserved; temporary storage for personal viewing is permitted.
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There is also an annotated version


I sing the strands of mine own accord,
Blown soft by the love of the winds.
Even dragons on high leave my lay unscored;
My heart's song is mine, not Danaan's.

  1. "Elven eyes in the first breath of Fall;
    Green ramparts surround the mind's eye,
    Searching the winds, fast-fleeting and love-lorn,
    For a fair zephyr's singing on high.
  2. A fair, virgin wind sought the heart of the Eald,
    Tender and aware behind cold eldrich wards,
    A fey, noble melody maid-ensorcelled
    Willingly by wind-whispered words.
  3. A muse-born breeze and a dragon, young dreamer,
    Made love in the light of a far day's sun,
    Sailing through moon's light, fair fantasies' weaver--
    Their melding of souls just begun.
  4. The year's come full circle; the weaving goes onward
    Into the birth of a rose-fingered dawn.
    Laughing together they lift their hopes skyward,
    For the wind and the sea will love on. (1985 text jumps to Epilogue)
  5. Years fair have flown, a noble young triad; (1988 continuation starts here)
    Passion spun of moonlight, friendship by day.
    But time takes the Lovers' moon; the wind seeks light elsewhere,
    And the sea wakes, a black sun in sway.
  6. A breeze seeks the gardens, bright in the moonlight.
    Wonder of the new sings refrain.
    A far away Eald under elven moon waxing,
    Has small hope with mortal moon yet to wane.
  7. A feary path glistens, silver in moonlight,
    Do they fade forever, one dawn ?
    What of the last golden, that gleams in the sunlight,
    Can it survive, when the winds have passed on ?"

Th'elementals sing of their lives and their hearts;
I harp of the sword and the dove.
For others the tales of jewels and shards;
I give my heart's song to my love.

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