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Erlkönig: Kestrel

Kestrel Copyright © 1984,1989,1992,1996 Christopher Alexander North-Keys
All Rights Reserved; temporary storage for personal viewing is permitted.
First written in the winter of 1984.
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Kestrel fleeting Wind-wafted feather vector Airy lover of branch, wind, and cloud. Sunlight meeting itself in second image From one pinion to another to his mate's drawn eye. In his love is lost all passage of time Darkling autumn impends, Not on him, though on the earth. He lay still one evening Rejoicing in the pattern of brilliant snow As it covered him. His lover returned With spring's sweet breath, Finding crystallized, his form, His body flown, his contour alone, In a yet frozen, icy time-lost prison. In wonderment of the birdformed hollow She swallowed her tears, unwarranted sorrow. For she heard his singing on high... His love'd endure No barriers, nor die.

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Earth: too weird to destroy.
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