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Erlkönig: Rage

Rage Copyright © 1984 Christopher Alexander North-Keys
All Rights Reserved; temporary storage for personal viewing is permitted.
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As a Child, my Mind was simple, No Walls or Edges, Harmony in Union. But in Time I doubted, And Limits became the Source of inner Turmoil, As inner Factions fought for Dominance. Has imprisoned Rage a Colour? All, and one with no Inverse... White it feeds and breeds itself, And its Walls' Edges of Disunion Cut. White it burns, savage Fluid; A Vitriol blood-linked to Loss. Molten in circular Self-Consumption, Loss resented in white Response. Silent, burning, deathly Acid... Fear it--it lashes out in Pain! Let it not be free! The Vessel is fragile, The Vessel is fragile! The Sadness grows, the Land is losing, The White still feeds... Release... Release! It will escape without Departure, Destroying its Land-Brother-- Terrified Progenitor. The Trees die, the Sky is darkling, Desperation runs, the Time is marking: Cast it forth! Throw it out! Cannot... Cannot. It and thee, be shriven Unity. Still, today I march my Rounds See my World lie in Ruins. Suddenly I find a Flower, Think of those that perished, And let it fall. There is no Peace in Loneliness, There is Nothing.


Original poem consisted of 'White it burns...shriven Unity' Verse 'Still, today...let it fall' was taken from the following:

Heute zieh' ich meine Runden, Seh' mein Welt in Truemmern liegen. Hab' 'nen Luftballon gefunden, Denk' an Dich, und lass ihn fliegen.

by the German group Nena, 'Neunundneunzig Luftballons', referring to life after a nuclear intercontinental exchange, and altered to fit the sense of the poem.

(Christopher Alex North-Keys Spring and Summer of 1984)
(Performed Friday.d.7.August.1984)

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