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glXCreateGLXPixmap: create an off-screen GLX rendering area.

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[Up] C Specification

GLXPixmap glXCreateGLXPixmap(
    Display	*dpy,
    XVisualInfo	*vis,
    Pixmap	pixmap)

[Up] Parameters

Specifies the connection to the X server.
Specifies the visual that defines the structure of the rendering area. It is a pointer to an XVisualInfo structure, not a visual ID or a pointer to a Visual.
Specifies the X pixmap that will be used as the front left color buffer of the off-screen rendering area.

[Up] Description

glXCreateGLXPixmap creates an off-screen rendering area and returns its XID. Any GLX rendering context that was created with respect to vis can be used to render into this off-screen area. Use glXMakeCurrent to associate the rendering area with a GLX rendering context.

The X pixmap identified by pixmap is used as the front left buffer of the resulting off-screen rendering area. All other buffers specified by vis, including color buffers other than the front left buffer, are created without externally visible names. GLX pixmaps with double-buffering are supported. However, glXSwapBuffers is ignored by these pixmaps.

Some implementations may not support GLX pixmaps with direct rendering contexts.

[Up] Notes

XVisualInfo is defined in Xutil.h.. It is a structure that includes visual, visualID, screen, and depth elements.

[Up] Errors

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