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Erlkönig: ひりがな Hiragana (HTML/Unicode)

Mnemonics for remembering kana,
some are from Remembering the Hiragana by James W. Heisig
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Hiragana/Katakana with Kanji of Origin

(remaining kanji and links to kanji descriptions to be added)

This webpage has been stalled for a while due to work being focussed on the kana/kanji derivation table

Unicode ranges

  • hiragana: hex 3040 (3041) - (309E) 309F, (3095 - 3098 unused).
  • katakana: hex 30A0 (30A1) - (30FE) 30FF.
  • kanji: hex 4E00 - (9FA5) 9FAF.
  • kanji extension A: hex 3400 - (4DB5) 4DBF.
  • kanji extension B: hex 20000 - (2A6D6) 2A6DF.
  • Kanji supplement: hex 2F800 - (2FA1D) 2FA1F.

A cute one seen for ノ-ソ-ツ along a wave idea (omits ン):

ノ = no wave
ソ = so-so wave
ツ = tsunami
ン (breaks the tidy pattern at the moment).
hira kata kanji roma mnemonic
a law cross of no-swimming
law cross, now bent into an arm
AN / yasu(i) - peaceful, cheap
i skiing downhill, overhead view of ski tips
ski pole handle, tilted steep-slope sign
I - from, by means of

U - universe
engineering diagram distance bracket
ku cooing mouth (and 2nd part of a 'K')

KYUU/hisa(shii) - long time
ke cape and dagger
a cape hanging from an arm
possibly: KEI / haka(ru|rau) - plan, calculate
ko combs, above/below, teeth facing teeth
comb with 90 degree corners

SA/hidari - left
(variation like つ->ツ)
su a super soupspoon with hilt
a soupbowl with handle

SE/SEI/yo - period, world
ta a spinning top (w/ motion lines)

TAI / TA / foro(i|ru) -- great, thick
chi chi-master sitting with arms outstretched
chi-master with arms outstretched
tsu "2", top part.
"2", top part, (variation like し->シ)
te "T" in gaElic cursive form (downstroke also matches first stroke of gaelic "E")
tempermental (lightningstrike) heavenly cloud (overbar)
TEN/ama/ame - heavens
to your toe with a thorn in it
a thorn your toe might get stuck on
SHI/to(maru|meru) - stop
na naughty person (arms outstretched) spying on crosslegged person, facing right
naughty person (arms outstretched), after crosslegged person flees
ni kneecaps (ni with a cap)
(like symbol for 'two', pronounced 'ni')
nu noo (an 'n' plus two 'o' loops)
noodle hanging out of a bowl
ne "n" with "e" in tail
"nekkid" man behind tail of shower curtain
no the "no-" (or this-is-banned) symbolt
the "no-" part of the 'banned' symbol
(mne: no-step)
ha a split 'h' but has a head like 'ma'
halved stick, gives hatchi (8) or hashi (chopsticks)
(k)hi heehee - a huge smile
heel, top outline view

heel, side view of back of shoe with pull-on tab
A tired, hindered hippy sitting on his hips at noon, hitching
foodbowl, profile of right edge
he heystack
ho a split 'h', rhymes with 2-barred 'mo'
ma mama - notice the arms and head
mama's upperarm, lowerarm, and hand
"m", rotated left, no overbar
mu muu-cow (head at left, tail at right)
muu-cow's noseridge and nostril flare
me the backslashed 'no' means you 'may'
the backslashed 'no' means you 'may'
JO/NYO/ME/onna - woman
mo a "mo" (vietnamese spoon) w/ hilt
ya yard hummock, complete with weed
yard hummock, after weeding
yu a finger, tied with string, pointing at YOU
a U-boat's periscope
YU / YUU / yoshi - reason
yo looks like a 'y' and 'o' together
yoke for two cows, overhead view
ra(/la) ra the god, sitting facing right
ramen piled high in a bowl, profile
ri(/di) a 'r'-'i' ligature
just the sides of the hiragana symbol
roo ('ro' + a 2nd 'o' at the bottom)
add a line; it's 'r' or 'u' in lowercase cursive
round kana, squared off
wa watery swell at the last pier-post
watery swell, squared and flat
n looks like a small 'n' with a long stem
looks like an apostrophe-'n' ('no', actually)
[w]o woman needs 't.l.c.' (tender loving care)
woefully split foodbowl
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