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glCallList: execute a display list.

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[Up] C Specification

void glCallList(
    GLuint	 list)

[Up] Parameters

Specifies the integer name of the display list to be executed.

[Up] Description

glCallList causes the named display list to be executed. The commands saved in the display list are executed in order, just as if they were called without using a display list. If list has not been defined as a display list, glCallList is ignored.

glCallList can appear inside a display list. To avoid the possibility of infinite recursion resulting from display lists calling one another, a limit is placed on the nesting level of display lists during display-list execution. This limit is at least 64, and it depends on the implementation.

GL state is not saved and restored across a call to glCallList. Thus, changes made to GL state during the execution of a display list remain after execution of the display list is completed. Use glPushAttrib, glPopAttrib, glPushMatrix, and glPopMatrix to preserve GL state across glCallList calls.

[Up] Notes

Display lists can be executed between a call to glBegin and the corresponding call to glEnd, as long as the display list includes only commands that are allowed in this interval.

[Up] Associated Gets

glGet with argument GL_MAX_LIST_NESTING

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