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Various ways to get in touch with me.
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Send a one-way page below.
(Apparently two-way paging is unavailable right now)

Messages without indication of sender identity may be discarded.
Pages relating to work must include a viable point of contact.
Violators are subject to subnet block without notification.

Current size is of

For secure communications, my PGP Public Key is available
- as well as some keys of others for whom I can vouch.

Digital Pagers

Codes from the now somewhat antique era of numeric pagers.
Suffix Meaning
*14 just waving
*119 time impends
*911 emergency
*404 web/net problem
Prefix Meaning
* encoded alpha follows:
*-delimited 1-26,
or flip-to-read
Infix Meaning
*00* travelling between
** interword space

You can send email to erlkonig at one of:

[Talisman logo] Talisman Research
PRIMARY: @talisman.org
Computing Explorations.

[GNU logo] The GNU Project
SECONDARY: @gnu.org
Determinedly open software.

AIM/Yahoo username: Siodhe

I used the gaim IM client.
Now I use Pidgin, but tend to end up
on Google chat a lot by accident.

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Cogito ergo spud (I think therefore I yam).
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alexsiodhe, alex north-keys