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Erlkönig: PGP Key Vouching

The trusted PGP keys of others.
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I can currently vouch for the following keys, generated dynamically from the current PGP database. Note that copy/pasting the email addresses in the UIDs will require restoring a real “@” (instead of 「ατ」).

Dawn Alicia Patterson <panacea「ατ」talisman.org>
      Key fingerprint = A0CD D4A2 E227 93CB 84DA  C8D4 F959 F0AF 46A9 5197
pub   1024D/46A95197 1997-08-20
sig          46A95197 1997-08-20  Dawn Alicia Patterson <panacea「ατ」talisman.org>
sig 3        1B922996 2007-10-07  Christopher Alexander North-Keys <erlkonig「ατ」talisman.org>
sub   2048g/4258A3CE 1997-08-20
uid                  Dawn Alicia Patterson <panacea「ατ」talisman.org>
C. J. Meidlinger <meidlinger「ατ」usa.net>
      Key fingerprint = C5C3 AD1B 7B72 3896 E73B  FDA7 137D C309 8F55 7C2F
pub   1024D/8F557C2F 2001-01-03
sig          8F557C2F 2001-01-03  C. J. Meidlinger <meidlinger「ατ」usa.net>
sig 3        1B922996 2007-10-07  Christopher Alexander North-Keys <erlkonig「ατ」talisman.org>
sub   2048g/0A7F4A26 2001-01-03
uid                  C. J. Meidlinger <meidlinger「ατ」usa.net>
Lou Scalpati <lou「ατ」scalpati.com>
      Key fingerprint = 99DF 9EF7 7E27 26BD BA2F  6BF9 FFCD 8D80 31B2 07C9
pub   1024D/31B207C9 2007-10-18
sig          1B922996 2008-03-18  Christopher Alexander North-Keys <erlkonig「ατ」talisman.org>
sig          31B207C9 2007-10-18  Lou Scalpati <lou「ατ」scalpati.com>
sig 3        31B207C9 2007-10-18  Lou Scalpati <lou「ατ」scalpati.com>
sub   1024g/9F2FC5B5 2007-10-18
uid                  Lou Scalpati <lou「ατ」scalpati.com>
Philip Glockner <pglockner「ατ」cybersource.com>
      Key fingerprint = 1509 2150 4581 5033 34F4  43AB 658C DE34 C1DD 9CFB
pub   1024D/C1DD9CFB 2009-05-01
sig          1B922996 2009-05-01  Christopher Alexander North-Keys <erlkonig「ατ」talisman.org>
sig          C1DD9CFB 2009-05-01  Philip Glockner <pglockner「ατ」cybersource.com>
sig 3        C1DD9CFB 2009-05-01  Philip Glockner <pglockner「ατ」cybersource.com>
sub   2048R/151513ED 2009-05-01
uid                  Philip Glockner <pglockner「ατ」cybersource.com>
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