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Rednecks and Streetsigns

 A city boy and a redneck are driving through a city neighborhood.  After a
 while, the redneck sees a yellow sign that says "dip".  He dutifully digs
 into the Copenhagen.  This is difficult, since a few yards later, the truck
 bounces, but the redneck successfully adds a bit of chaw to that he's
 currently working on.  This scene is repeated several times down the same
 long road.
 A fair while later, the redneck, cheeks bulging, is beginning to
 look distressed.  After a bit longer, going to great effort to
 avoid releasing the contents of his mouth into the city boy's car, he asks:
 "Friend, how much longer before we get to the sign that says: 'Spit'?"

                      - C. Alex. North-Keys, 1999

- - -eof
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