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From: rms@gnu.ai.mit.edu (Richard Stallman)
To: friedman@gnu.ai.mit.edu
Subject: Updated list
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 92 03:29:43 -0500

Mine are Aztec, Voodoo, Hopi, Cargo Cult and Buddhism.
Any criticism?

                               SHIT HAPPENS
                       in various world religions
TAOISM:  Shit happens.
CONFUCIANISM:  Confucius say, "Shit happens".
ZEN:  (What is the sound of shit happening?)

ISLAM:  Shit happens because it is the will of Allah.
CATHOLICISM:  Shit happens because you are bad.
PROTESTANTISM:  Let this shit happen to someone else.

JUDAISM:  Why does shit always happen to US?
REFORM JUDAISM:  Got any Kaopectate?
AGNOSTICISM:  What is this shit?

ATHEISM:  I don't believe this shit.

AZTEC:  Cut out this shit!

VOODOO:  Hey, that shit looks just like you!
NEWAGE:  Visualize shit not happening.
EXISTENTIALISM:  Shit doesn't happen; shit is.

SECULAR HUMANISM:  Shit evolves.
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE:  Shit is in your mind.
BUDDHISM:  Shit happens, but never mind.
HINDUISM:  This shit has happened before.

ZOROASTRIANISM:  Shit happens half the time.
WICCA:  If shit happened once, it will happen twice more.
JEHOVAH's WITNESSES:  No shit happens until Armaggedon.

MOONIES:  Only happy shit really happens.

HOPI:  Corn fertilizer happens.

RASTAFARIANISM:  Let's smoke this shit.

CARGO CULT:  A barge will come and take all the shit away.

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