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My Canonical BMW

The red image below is an R100RT, very like an R80RT. The blue is an overhead view of an R1100RT, a bike that may depreciate to something buyable by the year 2002 or so. Although I find this fact strange, these are really the only two basic designs in motorcycles that have thus far ever appealed to me.


Motorcycles So Far
Owned or
Brand Model Year
cm3 Mileage Color Highlights/
Detailed Commentary
1982 ? Honda MB5 1980 ? 50 not much Red Ran 55 mph [info] Sold
(1995) Honda Elite ? 250 ? Red Skateboard [info] Lived
1995-1996 BMW R80RT 1985 798 50k mi. Red Monolvr, Heatgrips [info] Squish
1997-now BMW R100RT 1994 998 61k - 104k mi. Red Monolvr, Heatgrips [info] Lives
(to 2017 so far)
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