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Erlkönig: Honda MB5

Well, it looked bigger.
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Intro to Motorcycling

[Honda MB5 motorcycle]

In high school, while I had the MB5, I thought: How does a 50cc motorcycle do 55 m.p.h.?... If all bikes were so engineered, we could do mach 1 on the highway. I didn't ride this bike much, only through a few tanks of gas; In fact, the first time the bike stopped dead, it took me half an hour to figure out that low fuel was the problem, and switch to reserve -- I'd effectively forgotten it needed gas at all. :-)

Owned Brand Model Born cm3 Mileage Color Fate
1982 ? Honda MB5 1980 ? 50 not much Red Sold

Aspects of small motorcycles

Interesting things about the bike

  • Didn't cost much.
  • Easy to pick up.


  • Easy to steal.
  • Poor acceleration.


  • Ran over a curb once when I was just learning to ride and didn't make a sufficiently small radius turn. I stopped just fine in the grass, then dropped the bike.
  • The aforementioned running out of gas in the main tank, and taking forever to figure out the problem.
  • The drivechain came off once, I think.
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