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glGetPolygonStipple: return the polygon stipple pattern.

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[Up] C Specification

void glGetPolygonStipple(
    GLubyte	 *mask)

[Up] Parameters

Returns the stipple pattern. The initial value is all 1s.

[Up] Description

mglGetPolygonStipple returns to mask a 32x32 polygon stipple pattern. The pattern is packed into memory as if glReadPixels with both height and width of 32, type of GL_BITMAP, and format of GL_COLOR_INDEX were called, and the stipple pattern were stored in an internal 32x32 color index buffer. Unlike glReadPixels, however, pixel transfer operations (shift, offset, pixel map) are not applied to the returned stipple image.

[Up] Notes

If an error is generated, no change is made to the contents of mask.

[Up] Errors

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